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Monday, 23 Jan 2012

In this episode we welcome special guest Nathan Carriker, discuss vortex generators, a product review, and more.
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Vortex Generators Mike describes the results of adding Vortex Generators to his Cessna 206. He was surprised at the decrease in stall speed once the upgrade was complete.

'Ol 927 Stu and Stew discuss their opportunity to be on board 'Ol 927, the Commemorative Air Force's B24 Liberator, during a 4 engine run-up and generator test.

Nathan Carriker This month we welcome Nathan Carriker, author of A Silver Ring, an Aviation Love Story. Nathan began flying at age eight, not long after learning he was the nephew of a B-24 flight engineer killed in action in 1944 and becoming obsessed with his story. That story, and many others close to his heart, inspired him to write the novel, A Silver Ring.

A Silver Ring Nathan earned his private pilot certificate on his 17th birthday and was a regional airline pilot by age 20. Nathan now flys for one of the majors.

A Silver Ring is available from Nathan's web site, www.asilverring.com, or on Amazon.com in either printed or electronic versions.

Dual Universal GPS Receiver Stew introduces us to the Dual Universal GPS Receiver for use with an iPad or other Bluetooth-enabled device. Stew and Stu use the Dual with their iPads running ForeFlight, but it is also compatible with numerous other mapping and aviation apps for iOS, Android and others.

Brian from Canada sent us these photos of a Cessna 182 King Katmai aircraft modified by Todd Peterson.
King Katmai C182 King Katmai C182
Hogs & Heifers Panorama
Mike's panorama of the Hogs & Heifers Saloon


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